Majek Vineyard & Winery

GET EXCITED! We are proud to announce the first of two featured wineries at this year’s October 8th event: Majek Vineyard & Winery

From their website (
“Majek Vineyard & Winery is a boutique Central Texas winery located in the scenic rolling hills off I-10, near Houston, Austin, and San Antonio…
Our vineyard & winery are developed on historic family property with a legacy of wine-making. Memories of family gatherings including music, food, and Grandpa’s Czech homemade wine have led us to develop a venue to share our passion for Texas music, local artists, and Texas wine. Our roots are reflected in everything we do, from our native sausage and cheese plates, First Saturday music, or by just sharing a beautiful place and a nice glass of wine with old friends and new. Our working 1.5 acre vineyard includes Blanc Du Bois and Black Spanish grapes.”

It is owned and operated by Lynne and Randy Majek.

Wines available for tasting on October 8th:
Sparkling Blanc Du Bois @ On the Square Flooring
Majek Sparkling Dry Blanc Du Bois, delightfully fruity with light sparkles and no bitter aftertaste! Perfect for brunch, for a light summer drink, or for any special occasion!
Cardinal’s Crown @ Wharton Journal-Spectator
Majek Cardinal’s Crown is a delicious blend of Texas Merlot, Cabernet, and Primitivo. Smooth and rich, this dry red wine is a perfect complement to steaks, roasted chicken or pork. Enjoy!
Garnet Dry Red @ Wadler, Perches, Hundl, & Kerlick
Garnets, a symbol of abundance and prosperity, have been mined and shared in the Czech Republic since the Middle Ages. With Majek Garnet Dry Red Wine, a blend of Favorite, Petite Verdot, and Malbec, we honor our heritage in the way we know best, through the sharing of fine food and wine.
Moscato @ Bohemian Rhapsody II
Majek Moscato Sweet White Wine begins a little flinty, leading to classic, perfume-like notes of rose and orange blossom. A taste yields flavors of ripe white peaches and a hint of honey, with a crisp citrus note. A popular summer standalone wine (or for times you wish it was summer!), also a delicious dessert wine with fruit and ice cream!
Cardinal’s Kiss @ Windows on Milam Emporium
Cardinal’s Kiss is a sweet, delicate blend of Texas Sangiovese and Black Spanish.

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San Ducerro Vineyards

We are proud to announce the second of two featured wineries at this year’s October 8th event: San Ducerro Vineyards

From their Facebook page (
“Our vineyard is located just outside Yoakum, Texas. Tractor work on the vineyard began in October 2012 with grapevines for Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish going in the ground in Spring of 2014.

Our wine list includes Blanc Du Bois, Moscato, Farmer’s Daughter – a peach Chardonnay, Appleooza – a Green Apple Riesling, Rhapsody in Red – a bold blend, a spicy Sangiovese, and a smooth Cabernet Sauvignon.”

It is owned and operated by Joyce and Keith Foster.

Wines available for tasting on October 8th:
Blanc Du Bois @ Montgomery Gallery and Frame
From the luscious aromas of pear and citrus, to the tart lemon and grapefruit flavors, this dry, light white is both crisp and clear. Try it with pasta or chicken dishes for a special treat!
Rhapsody in Red @ Miss Hattie’s Place
Elegant and intriguing, this sweet dry red bursts with a rhapsody of lush Blackberry and Dark Cherry flavors! With just a hint of Oak this is the perfect afternoon wine. Try it with BBQ for a special treat!
Appleooza Green Apple Riesling @ K&D Design
Cool, clean, & crisp – Sweet and tart with a green apple Finish! This refreshing wine is the perfect choice for a warm summer evening with friends. Enjoy chilled to rein in all of the flavors!
Lorraine Watermelon White Merlot @ J T’s This and That
Hot summer nights have met their match! Take a break from the heat with the sweet watermelon flavor of this refreshing wine! Serve cold and enjoy the cool side of hot! It’s a southern thing!
Twisted Sister @ Selections on the Square
Description coming soon.

San Ducerro Vineyards will also have pipes, pipe tobacco, and cigars in a sales booth at the event offering quality brands – read about their operation (from Keith Foster):

“We have Rocky Patel, Ashton, Macanudo, Olivia, and CAO Cigars in stock. If pipes are your thing (they’re mine), then San Ducerro is an authorized dealer for Savinelli, Rossi, and 4th Generation pipes – and we’ve got a great selection to choose from. Need pipe tobacco? No problem, we’re also a Cornell & Diehl retailer – and we carry it in BULK! Not to mention tins from Lane, Dunhill, McBaren, and 4th Generation!”

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