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Want to get fucked hard Italy tomorrow

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Want to get fucked hard Italy tomorrow Ready Sex Dating

Greeks who had migrated to australia around the s were known as wogs to australians. These days greeks and other ethnic nationalities are very common in most large cities in australia, mainly sydney and melbourne. Most wogs dress in nothing but nike and addidas from the hat to the shoes. Most wogs take pride in thier cars, normally drive a VLr33 Wantt beamers. If your not Want to get fucked hard Italy tomorrow wog please dont try to be. Today there are racial problems between aussies and lebanese, this has almost put a bad name on all wogs.

Want to get fucked hard Italy tomorrow

To all non wogs, dont hate us cause you aint us and to all wogs treat every one else with respect, stop acting like others owe you some thing. WOG unknown.

People from European or Middle Eastern background, usually closer to asia. Such as Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey etc. Only drive done up cars or Skyliners, subarus or monaros, with PHAT soundsystems with subwoofers, with neon lights. Always wear clothes bought from Footlocker or InSport.

Their Faviroute brand usually is champion and nike. Usually wear big puffy jackets and heaps of gold chains. Their haircut consists of the top long and all the sides and back shaven.

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Most used terms: Their diets consist of Kebabs, pizza and cheap food. They secretly ador their mothers. On average a WOG carries 4.

Aaaahh bro, i gott call hamadri, hes gotta check out this fully sick soundsystem i put in my HSV. Check this.

It make My kebab jump like the hydrolics hamadri has. SICK Mostafa: Wog unknown.

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The name Australians give to people from Southern Europe e. Italy, Greece, Serbia. Originally the word "wog" was used as an insult but has turned into hhard word of classification.

Wogs are easily picked out from a distance, males will wear tight white singles with gold bling and cruse around hzrd yellow cars with loud house music playing. Females will usually have 10 layers of foundation on their faces with their hair either belched blond or black and high on their heads, sometimes up to 6 inches above their scalp.

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Wogs often stick together and always get totally pissed off their faces on Australia Day. They usually travel in packs of about a dozen.

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Wogs often dwell in "wog mansions," these are very large houses, made completely out of bricks and the Horny men 22406 will be just a block, very square and very symmetrical. These wog mansions will take up the entire block of land it sits on and will often have a pool in the tto yard. Originally British usage was only meant when describing any dark skinned person either of Want to get fucked hard Italy tomorrow or Indo-Asian descent.

It was more along the lines of the fuckee and such.

Wogs are peculiar to the Land of Oz alone. They usually cruise around in v8 turbo's.

Wogs like to hang out at Maccaz or their local train station Harx Station in melbourne. They usually listen to rnb and trance. Words wogs use: Hektik-awesome Alright now!! WOGS unknown. British term of derision about Orientals particularly Indians.

It means "Westernized Oriental Gentlemen". This Wamt not a complimentary term but word of derision used to be used greatly during and Less used now. Aero sexual Pajama Boy Want to get fucked hard Italy tomorrow negotiator Peanut dog Esco Clock Spider